Thursday, August 25, 2011 favorite day of the week!

Last Sunday we had a real treat. It isn't very often that you get to see another missionary in action. There are missionaries on the field and sometimes it is rare to hang out with them let alone be where they are on a Sunday! Gary and Peggy live in Kingston but travel the island in conducting HIV/AIDS awareness seminars. Gary is the preacher and Peggy is a registered nurse. Their presentation was tremendous and we are so glad we visited Top Hill A/G on Sunday.

The pastor was very brave and had them come and do their presentation on a Sunday morning. It was fantastic. They spoke to a full house. Interesting that the people didn't shy away from the subject but rather came out in full force.

AIDS has become an epidemic here on the island and thank God this pastor wants his people to become informed and more than just being informed, begin ministering to the people that suffer.

A side note, it was pretty cool that the worship team was dressed in purple and so were Gary and Peggy!

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