Friday, August 19, 2011

A new baby is on the way!

When we moved to Jamaica we lived in a small town called Spalding. It was a real interesting little town and we have experienced much there. We left there 2 years ago to live in a town closer to Renee's school.

We still go to Spalding for different things since it is so close to the Bible College.

The Assemblies of God Jamaica is starting a new work in a section of Spalding called George North. It is an exciting time for the church here! Just like when a mom is waiting the birth of a new little one!

The tent was set up and the crusade began on August 7th. Each night a different established church in the area is responsible for the music and preaching. It is an exciting time for sure!

Pray with us that the community will be impacted and many will come to Christ through the new work. Pray for the Jamaican leadership that God will give them wisdom as they move forward in this endeavor. Pray that God will provide the pastor and people to work alongside. It is not going to be easy. It is going to be an adventure but God is building His church in these last days.

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