Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here I stand..I cannot do otherwise....

...And so began Spiritual Emphasis Week at the Jamaican Bible College. Who knew the year was going to start so great! Last April the director of the college resigned and I am sure that in any transition the students that would be returning were wondering, "What now?"

A/G Superintendent Pitkin was named the director a couple of weeks ago and the year has started off with a bang! To God be the glory!

Last night the new director preached a powerful message and tonight Denny preached another powerful message.

As I sat in both of these services I wanted to recommit my life to spreading the gospel and go back to Bible school! Oh to be 20 years old again!

The worship has been fantastic and the preaching tops. I want to share some photos and maybe through them you will appreciate what we have been experiencing!

Vinroy is the student president. A wonderful man of God with a bright future.
Please pray for the 48 students. Should Jesus tarry they all have a ministry to fulfill here in Jamaica and quite possibly to the far corners of the earth.

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