Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Jamaica! 49 years old.

Well Jamaica is older than 49 for sure. I have studied her history but Jamaica gained her independence 49 years ago.

I am crazy for Independence day. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love Independence Day even more than Christmas. I love the weather of July 4th. I love the family being together. I love July 4th picnic food. I love patriotic songs and sermons. I love the celebrations and I absolutely LOVE fireworks. I wish I could have had fireworks at my wedding reception! I absolutely love Independence Day.

Since July 4 is my favorite holiday naturally I would love Jamaica's Independence day. It coincides with our wedding anniversary being August 5 and Independence day being August 6. We have lived in Jamaica 3 years and I would learn about the celebrations the next day on August 7 from the newspaper. We are not real big on event advertising around here in any arena so last year I saved August 7th's newspaper so it would be a reminder for me to get the family to Kingston at least in 2011 on Independence Day.

The 2010 newspaper Independence Day article gave the parade route and it said that it started midday.

That's easy! We left for Kingston at 10 this morning and just knew that we would be able to see the parade at noon. Noon is midday, right?. Nope! not to be. The parade began at 9 so we missed it. Then I learned when we got home this afternoon that there was a remarkable happening at the King's House. An event I would have truly loved. The prime minister spoke, there were musical items and of course the beautiful national anthem. I missed it.

However since we missed all the Independence Day happenings we made a happening of our own! We went to a new restaurant for lunch with missionary friends.

Usain Bolt is the owner of Tracks and Records. He is quite a man. There are many things that I don't like about unsaved celebrities but this man has something I like! His birthday! He shares the same birthday as my sweetheart Denny. August 21. Den is a tad older than he but Usain (the worlds fastest runner) was born August 21, 1986. From all I have read I have learned that he loves his country and he loves his money. Of course when you have that much, who wouldn't!

I am glad he invested some of it in this restaurant/lounge. We hit it at a good time. Saturday lunch! I am sure it has a different clientele at night! The food was terrific. The friendship was great. I just wish Usain would have stopped by on Independence Day, maybe he would have given his birthday partner a free meal!

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  1. I'm actually wondering - might there be anyone who doesn't like Independence day?

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