Monday, July 25, 2011

sad times.....

It is a sad day again in Jamaica. In the last week there have been 4 beheadings. It has taken the whole country to an awareness of the violence that is in the infrastructure of the island.

3 of the beheadings happened before Sunday. On the way to Kingston for Sunday morning service we picked up the Sunday Gleaner newspaper and there on the front page (above) was the notice of another one. This just blows my mind. I went into the service with this on my mind. There have been times when we have felt insecure here and at times have been afraid. Yesterday though, I went into the service not thinking about us but the beautiful Jamaican people who are living in terror, especially those in August Town.

Antioch Assembly of God was alive with worship, prayer and the word. It was a great service. When the church sang J-O-Y, nothing will steal my joy, I thought about the fear that the people in the church may have been experiencing yesterday in the light of the recent news. Then we sang Things are getting better, Things are getting better, for the Lord is on our side, Things are getting better, Things are getting better, Things are getting better.

How can you sing Things are getting better when everything looks bad? And it just doesn't look bad, it IS bad. But when the church went to prayer...oh boy. We prayed against the violence, we prayed against the work of the enemy, we prayed for the island to be turned back to God saving grace. It was powerful.

I am so happy we went to Antioch yesterday. God ordained it!

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  1. Debbie,

    Thank you for posting that. What you experienced on Sunday is the reality of 2 Corinthians 4:6-18. I'm going to post some links to this piece. I was not even aware of the beheadings in Jamaica.