Thursday, July 28, 2011

ouch..sea urchin stings are no fun....

Having family and friends here on the island is great fun. Going to the beach and stepping on a sea urchin is no says Renee!

The poor thing is really hurting. As soon as it happened she got out of the water, seeing no blood I said, I don't know what the pain is but there is nothing on the bottom of your foot! Real sympathetic, wasn't I?!

A few minutes later the shooting pain was so great that Daddy took a look and saw more spine needles than he probably wanted to say for making Renee afraid. Den's sister had tweezers in the car so he was able to get some of the needles out.

We left the beach and went to change our clothes and did what we we could do for her. It was not a happy time. If you know the first thing you are supposed to do for a sea urchin sting you know why it was not a happy time!

When we arrived home Den put icthamol salve on it with a bandage and today they are beginning to protrude from her skin.

While sea urchins are some of the least aggressive animals in the ocean, they are nevertheless responsible for injuring numerous divers and swimmers who inadvertently step on their spine-covered bodies. Sea urchins actually have two different defense mechanisms. One are the spines that produce the puncture wounds and smaller, delicate seizing organs called pedicellaria that lie between the spines and release venom when they attach to something (or someone). Puncture injuries from a sea urchin may result in swelling, redness, pain, and infection, and multiple deep punctures may even result in paralysis, respiratory failure, and death. It is important to treat sea urchin puncture wounds right away in order to avoid complications. (How to Treat a sea urchin sting |

I am scouring the internet tonight to find out what else to do for a sting. So while I look, Renee has her foot in a basin of white vinegar. I mean at this stage of the game we will try anything!

They are so beautiful to collect and so painful to bring home in your foot!

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  1. Hi my name is sean i stepped on a sea urchin in jamacia five days ago the nurse supposedly took all the spins out but once i got home my foot still hurt so i took out a needle and started to dig around and gave it a good squeeze and out came another one so far i just put polysporin and a bandaid i hope this helps.