Saturday, July 16, 2011

King of the wall!

We live on a road that should have a sign, "Goats Crossing!" Of course most roads in Jamaica should have a sign like that. Wherever we go we see goats. Rural roads, town roads, city roads, the main highway that has a tollbooth, cow paths or your own driveway!

Goats everywhere. I never see bunny rabbits, nor do you see squirrels, but goats you will see everywhere!

Curried goat is quite tasty but that meal falls in the same category for me as eating rabbit. I just don't like to eat the animals that to me are pets.

My sister has had many a goat as a pet. So cute! I have had many bunny pets. Just can't eat um!

I think the goats should put up a sign that says "Don't choose me for dinner!"

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