Thursday, July 7, 2011

Island Living....

We are now on the countdown for leaving Jamaica. In less than a year we will pick up and move to the next assignment. Just tonight Denny said, "One of the things I will miss is the weather." While we have lived here we always have open windows, except for the hurricane winds, of course. The home, the car, the Bible College, Renee's school, the breeze comes through the windows and gates. We haven't missed ice and snow at all, Renee misses the fall temps and pretty leaves but the ice and snow is something we will have to get used to again.

We live in the center of the island and in the mountains. We do not have the extreme high temps that Kingston and Montego Bay have, although it gets very hot here, but in comparison those areas are much hotter. When we have the chance to go to the beach we all get excited because we do not live near the beaches. For Renee's birthday we had planned a weekend in Montego Bay, it was cancelled because of the horrible weather we had that weekend. We rescheduled our getaway for the end of Renee's school year. So we combined birthday and completion of 4th form and went away! Sunset Beach had a great price and has a wonderful resort. Great fun. Water, kayak, dominoes, skipbo, sunbathing, swimming, good food, chess, checkers, pool volleyball, sand, beach, all around fun!

Here is a pictorial blog!

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