Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Come Back! part 6

After the service on Sunday we planned to get our "jerk" fix! Actually it is where jerk was started called Boston Bay. Our dinner was wonderful as always, the day was so lovely we decided to take a drive and see where we landed.

Unplanned excursions are fun and this turned out to be my favorite for the entire 2 weeks Ryan was here. My roots go back to boats! I spent much of my childhood on a lake in upstate New York. My grandpa, uncles, brother had boats and it is just a favorite of mine to pass the time on a boat. It was my mental therapy for a Sunday afternoon! We ended up at the Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio.

The Blue Lagoon is fed by underground fresh water springs and connected to the Caribbean Sea. The Lagoon is 200 feet deep and changes color depending on the time of day. When the sun hits it, it can look azure blue to emerald green. Absolutely breathtaking. It used be called the Blue Hole, however when Brooke Shields did a movie called The Blue Lagoon, it was officially changed to that name.

When we first started out on the boat we passed Monkey Island. There are no monkeys here but a person had a pet monkey and the story goes that this person would take their pet monkey to the island and let him play all day and then go pick him up to go home! I guess it was doggie daycare without any doggies!

Then we passed some exquisite villas where politicians and businessmen spend their money. The white villa in the pictures is where Tom Cruise stayed while filming movies. I shot a picture of the green house in case I ever get rich. It costs $1000 a night, it comes with security, maid service and a private chef! Oh what a vacation that would be!

Two movies that have made The Blue Lagoon famous since the movie entitled Blue Lagoon are Cocktail and Anaconda 2.

There is an area also where you can swim to get younger! Legends tell us that if you swim in the mineral springs you will feel 20 years younger, I wonder if you will look 20 years younger! Unfortunately we didn't travel with our suits so we couldn't take advantage of this great offer that day!

One of the pictures will show the caves. Also one of the rock formations appears to look like an alligator! See if you can spot it!

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