Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Come Back! part 4

When Ryan comes we scout out a different place to see or something fun to do while he is here. This time we decided to take advantage of the low costs of a resort. Since tourism is down, due to the violence in Jamaica, we were able to go to the all inclusive Holiday Inn in Montego Bay for a steal. Needless to say, we ate ourselves silly and enjoyed both the beach and the pool till we were like prunes. It was a wonderful couple of days and I am anxious to do it again one day!

We ate in Ocho Rios before coming home. I love to have my camera ready whenever Ryan and Renee are together. They are so much fun to observe and be with!

The next weekend we spent our time in Bath. Since Ryan had heard so much about the Enola team being here, we wanted him to visit the church, see the new roof, and experience the mineral baths at the hotel. Not being a bath kind of kid, I knew that I would be lucky to get him in once! But we had success, Ryan, Renee and I took one together and he said, hey mom, that was fun! I love going to Bath for ministry, but I also love the mineral baths. I can never get enough. Daddy preached in the church on Sunday, I wish I had taken the violin so that the church could have heard Ryan play. They hear Renee and love her so much. I know they would have enjoyed her brother. Next time!

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  1. It's a hot day in Massachusetts today, and I'd love to jump into that Holiday Inn pool! I also wouldn't mind the mineral baths!