Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Come Back! part 5

While we were on the eastern part of the island, another new adventure we took was Reach Falls in Port Antonio. Most everyone visits Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios when they come to Jamaica, but we have a new favorite now! It is a little less chaotic and could I say less "touristy" although it was very busy on the Saturday we were there.

Reach Falls is located in the middle of a jungle. Not a jungle like some countries! Jamaica doesn't have monkeys or snakes but a jungle nevertheless. The drive up to the area was absolutely beautiful, lush green and vibrant. The banana path we walked to get nearer was equally as beautiful! Reach Falls is full of caves and the kids went searching. The falls are recognised as one of the most beautiful in Jamaica. As a matter of fact some not so commendable magazines have done photo shoots there.

It is a series of cascades that tumble down limestone tiers. The Drivers River actually feeds it and it comes out of the Blue Mountains. You may have heard of Blue Mountain Coffee, a very expensive coffee from the Jamaica Blue Mountains. The Drivers River plunges 30 feet into a wide pool. Doesn't that sound exciting? Well, believe me, it was and I would love to be there today. It takes some time to get into the water as it is ice cold and a little shocking at first!

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