Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Come Back! part 3

And then August came! This is the time that we had looked forward too for 8 months. The last time we had seen Ryan was at Christmas and these were long months. We miss him so desperately. I can't imagine the day when both Ryan and Renee are on their own and we are left with an empty house. These are not days that I look forward to, but as every parent knows, this is what we prepare our children for....real life.

But in the meantime we make memorable moments and fill up the memory tank till the next visit. When you have college age children, you put yourself in your parents shoes and wonder how they did it, the hole in the heart is so great. As a matter of fact, it is so great that at times Den and I feel like we cannot breath. The ache is so deep that the breath won't come. It is a feeling like none other we have experienced this far. Oh how we love that boy and that little girl. Did I even fathom 20 years ago when I delivered him that his departure would do this to me?

We absolutely couldn't wait for August 8th to arrive! We began the countdown a month before and then each day began other comments like....when Ry gets here, on next Tuesday we will be doing this with Ry. I wonder if Ry would like this for his first dinner or this. We began grocery shopping with only one person in mind!

The last time that Ryan had made the Jamaica trip by himself was May of 2009. We thought that we would absolutely squeeze the life out of him, we so missed his touch, his laughter, and his kindness toward us and his little sister.

It was a Sunday that Ry was coming. We went to church, had some lunch and then booked it into the airport for his 8 P.M. arrival. We got there at 6:00 and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited till midnight!

He finally touched down! We were so full of anticipation!

As always he was delayed in Miami, since everyone was starving, we stopped at Wendy's, so happy they were open late and Renee gave Ry a special gift that she had painted.

We arrived home at 3 A.M. and so Monday became a lazy day, all of us recuperating from the adrenaline rush and sheer exhaustion! The best part.....Ry was in the house!

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