Thursday, April 19, 2012

tight squeeze!

There is something so unique about third world countries and that is the way they just fit whatever they are doing in the smallest of places. As we walk downtown, or drive through small communities,even large ones, you come upon legitimate businesses in tight places.

Fruit vendors use the back of their truck, odds and ends are sold in a space on the street real close to where the cars drive, shipping containers are painted pretty and a hole cut in the side for air to sell sweeties and bag juice. Businesses set up shop right on top of the next business. It amazes me.

This little shop made me chuckle, I really need to remember moments like this when we return to the USA. I don't want to forget everything I have experienced and the places I have been.

It is very difficult to find an Internet cafe here in Jamaica, I should say here in our town, maybe it is easy in Kingston and Montego Bay, but here in the country, quite unheard of. When I saw this one, I didn't even notice the beauty shop sign. Really cool what you can do with an unused shipping container!

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