Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Lover's Leap...but we didn't jump!

The other day we did something we haven't done in a very long time! Renee was on school break and we woke up and said, "Today is a beach day!" No work today! We drove the hour to the South Coast, had a great time at the beach, ate pizza and started the ride home. On the way home, we had remembered seeing in the newspaper that Lover's Leap had been refurbished and was open. We drove that direction which is a beautiful drive and indeed the government has opened Lover's Leap once again.

Legend has it that a Mr. Chardley, the plantation owner to over 100 slaves had his eye on one of the slave girls that did her work in the house. Being a "house slave" meant that she smelled prettier, dressed nicer, and had more of a comfortable style of living than the outdoor slaves. Her name was Mizzy. Her slave boyfriend from another plantations name was Tunkey. Mizzy and Tunkey found time to be together and they always met at the same little spot. Mr. Chardley had his spies and whenever the two slaves were together, Mr. Chardley would be informed. Sadly to say, they were betrayed by Mizzy's brother. One day Mr. Chardley told Tunkey that he didn't want him to see Mizzy ever again. If it were to happen Mr. Chardley would beat him and kill him. They did get together and Tunkey indeed was whipped on his naked body but not killed.

Since love cannot be stopped, Mizzy and Tunkey did meet again and suddenly they heard the horses coming and Mr. Chardley's footsteps. Mizzy said to Tunkey, "I would rather die together than live without you." And then they leapt.

Lover's Leap is a 1700 foot drop down to Cutlass Bay. It is absolutely exquisite. The beauty the water and the mountains is just breathtaking. The guide names the trees and points out facts about the flowers. And then you go to a balcony to look out over where the lovers leaped. There are two tree stumps with markings on them to show the actual spot.

There is a lighthouse on the property and it is famous for two reasons. First it is the most recently constructed lighthouse here in Jamaica and secondly it is powered by three sources, generator, electricity, and battery.

I am so very happy we took the time to be tourists.

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