Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A RE-DO Kind of Weekend!

This past weekend was one I would love to experience again! It was a "violin" kind of weekend! Renee's school is a "sports" centered school, although it has lovely Christmas programs and such. So many talented students. However in our four years at the school, this was the first "recital" that has been planned and executed. Jamaica has a rhythm/musical culture, lots of musicians, dancers and talented performers but sports take the forefront. This sometimes leaves no platform for the artsy students. Thanks to the music teacher at Belair and the cooperation of the administration, A SHOWCASE OF THE ARTS, was scheduled for last Saturday evening. It was phenomenal, so good in fact, the principle is thinking about an encore performance! Singers, Trumpeters, Violins, Guitars, Recorders,Piano, and a Drum solo were showcased. Renee played "Concerto No.5 in D Major, Op.22,3rd Movement" and she did it successfully. Daddy and I were so very proud of her.
Then on Sunday we rushed from church to go into Kingston for her Jamaica Young People Symphony performance. Calabar is a school in Kingston that was celebrating their centennial with a Musical Performance. It was fabulous! Choirs from all over the island participated. The symphony played 6 pieces, including the school song! It was a great night.
Calabar High School was founded by the Baptists. The first three Olympians from Jamaica were graduates of this school. They won their medals in 1948. Two brothers that designed the Jamaican flag and also wrote the National Anthem are Old Boys of Calabar High School, Phillip and Hugh Sherlock. I love that name, OLD BOYS! Anyone who is from Calabar is called an Old Boy. This picture shows one of the choirs with "chipper chapper" hats!
This picture is the Jamaica Constabulary Choir.
These little drummers are conducted by the man who actually makes each drum and is the teacher.
This picture shows the Nexus Performing Arts Company. They have won many awards.
Some weekends are the best and this was one of them. We are going to take wonderful memories from this country!

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