Monday, September 12, 2011

Seaside Therapy!

What a fantastic weekend we had! A few months ago our field retreat was scheduled for this past weekend because our stateside boss and his wife would be in Jamaica for a national meeting on Friday so after the meeting we would all meet in Ocho Rios.

Renee was so anxious to get through her school day because we planned to leave when we picked her up from school. We arrived at the resort around 5:00 just in time for dinner. It was great. Eventually everyone arrived and how sweet it was to sit around the tables and just BE, be with one another, be with people like us, be in a place where no one needed us, be with people with the same purpose and calling.

You would think that because the island is so small the missionary families would be together alot, but not so. Sometimes we don't see one another for months. One family has been here for a year and we had not met them yet. What a beautiful weekend for Renee to be a big sis to the two little ones that belong to that family!

Swimming, snorkeling, eating, sitting, laughing, crying, pools, ocean, sand, fun, fun! We had a Sunday morning service that was especially memorable. We sang and then our boss gave a devotional and then had prayer time together. It was so valuable to all of us. After a weekend like we just had, you kind of feel the energy to press on. You feel like others can relate to the struggles, the financial pressures, the work that is so great here in Jamaica. We encourage one another in the Lord. What a special time.

Friends that I have love going to the mountains and relax in solitude. Some I know prefer Disney and high strung activity. Some like to stay home and turn off the phone. What I like to do is go to the water. It refreshes me. The sound of the waves, the sun in all color and vibrancy, the magnitude of the sand, the never ending horizon, the shells, the sea life, it truly is a therapeutic place for my spirit! If only the Bible College was located on the seaside! Then I would be craving to go to the mountains for some cool weather!

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