Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another special Sunday...

Some days are really special. This one was. Denny was invited to preach at Top Hill Assembly. Pastor Millens wanted to hear Renee play her violin again. Sheldon, one of our students, called and wanted to go with us. Top Hill is his home church. He got a taxi to downtown Mandeville to meet us and we went on our way.

Today Pastor Millens was spotlighting the youth so needless to say Den felt in his element and preached a great message about the family. Renee played beautifully, as a matter of fact the pastor asked her to made a CD and he would be the first to buy one!

There was also another special element to the day. Today was baby dedication day and 2 babies were dedicated to the Lord. One of the babies belongs to one of our married night students. The night students come to the college on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it takes them 5 years to complete the program. Clifford is one of those students. A couple of years ago he and his sweet wife lost their almost one year old after surgery and so little Rebecca is pretty special. She will never replace Ruthie, but she is a blessing from God. So to see her dedicated today set a beautiful stage for Den to preach.

Another element is Pastor Millens. He is a gem. I have told Den many times I wish we lived closer to Top Hill! I would love to attend the church more often! The pastor is Jamaican but his family migrated to England when he was a boy. He had a business in England selling Jamaican products. Drugs were put into one of his shipments from here and he was thrown into prison although he had nothing to do with drug selling and the like. He was also a pastor of a church and the story is quite riveting. Today he gave me one of his books and I read it on the way home and seriously can't take my nose out of it. It is a testimony of God's grace and forgiveness. He was cleared of all charges in 2001 so it is a recent testimony. He then came back to Jamaica to pastor and I am so glad he did!

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