Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom, You're one in a million!

When I became a mom in 1990, one of the gifts from you Mom, was a Mother's Day Ideals book. On the first page you wrote above this poem, To Debby, Happy First Mommy's Day 1990! The poem says:

"We set aside a day each year
Which we call Mother's Day
To honor Mother, hold her close,
And cherish her in every way."

"Yet wouldn't it be nice for her
If we could truly say
We set aside some time for love
To make each day our Mother's Day."

I'm so happy I grew up where I did and in the family I was born into. What makes a mom a mom anyway? Well, having children, of course.
But what makes a mom a great mom?

You were my first teacher and I didn't even know it. I didn't call you Mrs. Hall like I would have at school, but as I look back over 53 years, you were my teacher. Where did I get my love for books and libraries....from you. Where did I get my love for ice skating and watching ice skating.....from you. Where did I learn how to do needle work...from you. Where did I get my love for flowers and gardens.....from you. Where did I get my love for recitals, plays and programs.....from you. Where did I get my love for church music.....from you. Where did I get my love for the piano....from you. Where did I get my love to decorate for every holiday....even the small, uncommercialized ones.....from you. Where did I learn to keep a few more things in the cupboard in case someone stops by to eat...from you. Where did I learn to be a mommy...from you. The best mom in the world.

I am so happy that I grew up in your town! Right on the same corner as two of your sisters and your mother. I regret that your father had died a few years before I was born. I suppose you are alot like him in many ways. You were your daddy's girl. Oh, how I wish I could have sat on his knee.

I am grateful that I grew up in Lambs Creek, home to lots of rattlesnakes! How many times did you capture another snake with a hoe or a rock to protect your five little ones? How many times did we stand beside the snake hanging over the clothesline to measure who was taller! How many photos were taken to show dad later how big they were. You taught me to be brave!

I am grateful that in our small town you read every obituary in the newspaper and took us to the funeral home to pay our respects for nearly everyone that died....but who are they mom? we would ask and your reply would be descriptive or you would say, I don't know but I think they may be related to so and so! Off we would go, either to wait in the car or to go in and show concern. You taught me compassion.

I am grateful that you took in ironing and let me be your helper with the water bottle and rolling up the clothes to stay damp or letting me iron the small things. To this day, ironing is my favorite household chore. And when I iron, I get my small glass of pepsi just like you did! Since I married a preacher it is a good thing you taught me how to make clothes look crisp! You taught me to be detailed conscious.

I am grateful that you invited college kids for Sunday roast beef dinners and after Sunday night services the popular lunch meat sandwiches and chips! I am grateful that you liked alot of people in the house, it was more fun to play games that way! You taught me how to be hospitable.

I am grateful that you always had a goodie box with gifts for whenever the occasion arose. You have to be the worlds number one person for giving gifts! You shop way in advance for events coming up that require a gift. You would never forget a birthday or an anniversary even today. With every marriage and birth, your list just keeps getting bigger. You taught me how to shop and how to be generous.

You have even taught me how to be a gramie before I am one! Thank you for teaching my children so much about life, Jesus, and care for people.

So Mom, even though I am a mom, Mother's Day is not about me at all, it is all about you. You are one in a million and I love you.


  1. Debby, this was such a wonderful tribute to your mom.
    (Can I admit that it took a minute to remember that 'Hey I know your mom and how great she is - call it a minor brain cramp)
    Your parents look great in this picture and it's so nice to see you all together.
    Happy Mother's Day to you. I am sure you are as great a mom as your own mother is.

  2. Amen! I have great memories of each of your parents from the Walpole days! That was very nicely written!