Monday, May 17, 2010


Saturday was a lovely Jamaican day! Beautiful sun, beautiful blue skies, beautiful students and a beautiful audience to watch the graduation.

One of the things I love most about AGBC graduation is the processional. The leadership, lecturers and all three classes of students walk in to the song, Chariots of Fire. It is a beautiful piece and lends itself to a graduation processional. The service was lengthy, however, each speaker was well prepared and all in all it was a joyous day.

It is so hard to believe that we have been here at the college 2 years already. The time is flying. 4 semesters down, 4 to go. It is hard to imagine the college without this years third year students that just graduated. It was a special class to me. They were the first students I had for Prison Epistles and I will miss them so much. They really taught me the culture of the Jamaican classroom and so much about life here. There is something about this class that just graduated that grabbed my heart. They were so kind to me. They took me in and showed real Christlike-ness when I was so new to the country. I miss you already Maureen, Peta-Gaye, Melisa, Jerome, Kharson, Jason, Nicholas, and Roan. I am praying that God opens incredible doors for you as you now proceed into your internship and enter the ministry full-time. May He shower on you perseverance and steadfastness. You are chosen, now walk in that calling and bring forth much fruit.

Right behind this wonderful class are two more groups of stellar students, the 2nd year class and the 1st year class. We visited Othneil Bailey's (2nd year student) church yesterday where he was the preacher for the morning. Powerful message, Powerful person, and a joy to Denny, Renee and me.

At the graduation, the students presented the lecturers with a lovely fruit selection and an award. I received the most animated award and Denny the most challenging teacher award! I guess that means I am the loud and crazy one and he is the most thought provoking surprise there!!

Teaching at a Bible College is a unique ministry. Training leaders is really about the future. In the present you see grades,(good and bad) character growth, work ethic, passion for full-time ministry, mental and emotional maturity, looking for a spouse, dreams about the future. What we do at the Bible College is in the present reality but actually the hope of shaping for the future. It is not everyday that you see progress or even fruit, but it is all in trusting the one who sent them to the college, who in the first place, started a good work and He will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Graduation is a special time of year. We love the students so much. We almost hate to see them go yet isn't that what it's all about!

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