Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's in a name?

It surprises some to hear that Jamaica has alot of corruption, violence, and danger spots. For the size of the island, it is quite dangerous. A couple of months ago there were 5 beheadings in a matter of a few days. We received again this week an email from the US Embassy cautioning us to be wise and careful and the email mentioned a specific area where there is an increase in carjackings.

This morning's paper reports an 8 year old died of a throat slashing right here in Manchester and her mother that is struggling to hold on in the Mandeville Hospital for the same reason.

So many sad things. A couple of weeks ago one of Renee's friends asked her at school if she had heard the gunshots the night before. We hadn't, however a doctor was shot right near to our home and today is in a coma, holding on. What brings it closer to home is that his daughter goes to Renee's school and the principal has asked the students to give her space and not bombard her with questions. The next day a businessman was killed in our town at his place of business.

Last Sunday a new prime minister was sworn into office. His name is Andrew Holness. I have been thinking about this country we live in this week, asking God to bring "wholeness" to the beautiful Jamaican people. Like every government, Jamaica's leaders need much prayer. If I were to report in this blog the state of the government as far as the public news goes, one would think, is there any hope? Thank God our confidence is not in government anywhere in the world, our hope is in Christ. In the meantime we persevere in training young leaders ministry concepts, courses and church administration.

I pray that this year our churches are packed with "lost" people in need of a Savior. I am praying that Prime Minister Holness will be "whole" and Jamaica will realize a new season of "wholeness". How we desperately need it.

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