Monday, October 17, 2011

Hats on Parade!

Today is a holiday in Jamaica yet there is another national event that takes place every year on Heroes Day. It is the A/G Women's Ministries Convention. I love to go to take it all in! It is an occasion for sure!

There is something to be said about women coming together, leaving the babies at home, eating rice and peas and some chicken on the lawn in your finest clothing! Of course they don't sit on the lawn, they stand there. There is something to be said about corporate worship and preaching from the director in the morning and the superintendent in the afternoon. It is a spectacular day. This is the last one for me, next Heroes Day we will be living in Phoenixville, PA, on loan to VFCC, so today I wanted to get everything I could in my memory bank. I don't ever want to forget the excitement of these beautiful Jamaican ladies and their.... HATS!

As I watched the ladies today I kept saying to myself, ooooo I like that one! No, I like that one better! Then another one would go by and I would say to myself, oooo that one is the best! If they knew I was their secret fashion admirer today, I wonder what they would think!

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