Saturday, March 5, 2011

Payless in Jamaica!

I hesitate to title this post as Payless! In reality I should have typed PayMORE! A big deal took place this week in the life of Renee! Payless Shoe Source came to Jamaica a couple of weeks ago. There are 2 stores in Kingston and 1 store in Montego Bay with another soon to open there. After her violin lesson in Kingston on Thursday we surprised her with a Payless visit!

So what's the big deal you may ask! A 14 year old being able to walk into an American store, now that's a big deal! As we searched for the store we weren't real sure if we would actually come upon it or if it would be hidden in another part of town but we had success! Or maybe daddy would say ....bummer we found it!

Needless to say, with the prices here it is not a place we will be able to visit every week! I have to say it was SO exciting. To find an American retail store here even made me feel giddy!

There is even talk that a Payless could be coming to Mandeville (our town), won't that be exciting! You know what is funny, it is not a store I frequent too much in the states and with its move here I got so excited! But, anything for my girl!

Renee didn't ask to be a missionary kid and yet she has the perfect temperament for the job. She has gone without a shopping spree for a long time, well this wasn't really a spree! She could look for one pair. She had three styles that she was choosing between and just like that one pair was gone. A man in uniform ripped them out from under her....I guess he really wanted to buy them for his daughter. :(

Man, could we hope for a dollar store! just kiddin!

Here is a photo journey of her experience!

How much would you pay for these little white tennies? Here in the Payless they were $35.00....thanks daddy!

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