Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bible College Students....ready for anything!

This Bible College thing is really neat! The Jamaican Bible College has students who are pretty special! Two of our students are Haitian and the rest are Jamaican. A few of them were able to come to the service on Sunday with Irvin D. Clown and then to the house for some concentrated clown learning! We had a beautiful morning and then the time at the house was priceless. I love having them anytime we can! They light up our lives.

Andre, the brave one!

This moment was priceless. Mousa is one of the students that Irvin chose to volunteer. Renee went into the audience to find a girl and her dress matched his tie perfectly!

Cherley teasing Lolli!

Many hands make the work go faster! Lots of balloons waiting to be made into creatures!

After a Jamaican lunch of rice and peas, barbecued chicken, and salad, they took to the living room for a couple of hours of hands on training and teaching. What a great opportunity for the students and Irvin as well.

We love you Irvin D.Clown!

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