Saturday, February 19, 2011

..the weather report...

In Jamaica we live in "forever summer"....with just a little spring as Denny is quick to remind me. He likes to remember those plummeting temperatures into the seventies! And not to mention the hurricane and tropical storm season!

I love the weather. I love the seasons. I love the changes the weather brings, not only to the sky, and to the land, and to my feelings, but the fact that it is something beyond my control. When there is an element in life that I absolutely have no control over and I don't have to worry about the way it is going, that gives me freedom. That is a good thing! The weather just reminds me of control!

Funny how in one day the weather can go from bad to worse, or from good to bad, or from bad to better or even simply be delightful all day long. The other day I took these pictures from my yard at the same time! On one side of the house the sky was gorgeous and blue, on the other side of the house the storm was brewing hard and in just a couple of minutes the dark storm clouds were going to take over the entire area and begin to bring rain.

It reminds me that I can wake up in the morning and never imagine the weather patterns that are going to dictate my day! It sometimes goes from puffy clouds and blue skies to even puffier clouds and blue-er skies and you hear yourself humming the old song...if it keeps gettin' better and better, if He keeps on pourin' it on....

But then there are other days when the blackest clouds turn blacker and you wonder how am I ever going to get through this one? All I know and what I am learning is God allows the weather to be what it is and many things indeed are out of my control. That is when I begin to won't rain always...or hear the saying in my head..this too shall pass.

It is hard to stay consistently faith-centered when life's rain is peltering on your head. It is so easy to slip and fall when you are running for cover without an unbrella. When life's car starts to slide on the wintry mix and goes out of control and panic sets in you realize you are not in control, but somebody is.

Every weather pattern God brings into my life is for my good and for His glory. This week Ryan sent me a song that has grabbed my attention.

"It may not be all that I had hoped for, and every dream has not yet been realized, but to see your face one day God I know,it's all going to be worth it."

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