Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan! You're 21!

Children's birthdays have really special memories especially for moms that have a good pregnancy, are surrounded by a supportive family, have a good delivery, are tended to by wonderful doctors and nurses, moms who see the excitement and tenderness in the eyes of the new daddy....for so many new moms things turn sour and turn into a trial, but for me it was a wonderful day! Today, 21 years, Ryan was born!A great day!

Ryan was always wanted. Denny and I were married in 1978, Ryan came along in 1990. We had experienced many ministry settings to his arrival. We were associate pastors in Illinois, then were youth pastors in Massachusetts. We were missionaries in Spain, then we returned back to Walpole as youth pastors once again, then Ryan came! Little did we realize when he was born in that month of February that God was setting things in motion for us to be asked to be Youth and Christian Education Director for Southern New England A/G come May. But when Ryan arrived, we were youth pastors in Walpole, one of the most dynamic churches that we have ever known even till this day. The people in the church were the welcoming committee for his birth as well as my parents and my sister Janine and her husband.

Ryan wasn't due on Feb.2, but for as long as my fatherinlaw knew I was pregnant, he said that I was going to have a boy and he was going to be born on his birthday! I said, "I don't think so because the people at church say I am carrying a girl and first babies never come early"! I was due closer to Valentine's day so I knew that my fatherinlaw's wishful thinking had to be mistaken!

On February 1 I became quite ill and just didn't feel right. Janine called me from work to see how I was doing and I told her. She called Denny at the church. The day went on, I was feeling pretty rotten all day. That Thursday evening, my parents came to check on me and Dad started timing the contractions. When mom and dad left, probably around 10:00, the contractions were 7 minutes apart. I couldn't rest, I couldn't really lay comfortably, I remember telling Den to go to sleep and that I would wake him if need be. Around 3:00 in the morning I woke him and he called the doctor. The contractions were getting closer and more consistent so off we go to the Norwood Hospital. I remember thinking, could this really be it or will they send me home. I had never gone through this before, how was I to know!

When the admitting nurse finished the paperwork, I was still thinking maybe this was a false alarm, I mean I wasn't even due yet! The only time that it hit me was when the nurse gave me the johnny to change into! As if it were yesterday I remember the exchange! She said, "honey you are going to have a baby" I said,"TODAY???" She said, "oh yes honey that baby is coming today"! I said, "but wait, I can't it's my fatherinlaws bday!!!" and then of course I told her why I said that. I love my fatherinlaw, but I had told him he was wrong for at least 6 months, he couldn't possibly be right!!! Somehow I knew that if he was right on the date, he would be right on the gender! The only problem was, what would we do with the name Brittany Shannon! We had only picked out a girls name!

Today I am looking at Ryan's baby book and reminiscing that wonderful day! Jen Schlosky bought me Ryan's baby book! I can't throw out the box it came in, I have notes written on the box as well! After we came home from the hospital I was in the emergency room 3 times. During those difficult days, Mema and Pop Pop and Aunt Janine helped Denny with Ryan and Jen Schlosky tended to me! She is such a nurse! I will forever be grateful to my family and my friend Jen, there through thick and thin.

So many people to be grateful for. I remember them coming by, bringing food items and care, support for a new little family that had a very sick mommy. People spoke into our lives and prophesied over Ryan. Christian Life Center was a very special place because of all the special people. When I look at the book and see the Shower page, my oh my, so many people with so much love! I still feel overwhelmed 21 years later. I guess this isn't a baby book but rather a mommy book!

Ryan, you and your sister are the joy of our lives. For 21 years and 9 months more we have spoken Jesus into your life. I remember things that we told you when we couldn't see your face. I remember reading the Word to you when you couldn't yet see, I remember playing music for you when you didn't yet know what music was. You were so loved before we even knew you.

I found some really neat things in your book! One of your first Bible crafts, some Christmas wrap from Mrs. Harper, pictures and cards you wrote for your daddy. This book, though small in comparison to other books, holds treasures that can never be replaced. I remember my mom always said, "if there is a fire, grab the baby books". Now I know why she said that. Everything about your birth and growth is worth remembering and keeping! As a matter of fact, I assisted God in making a miracle today 21 years ago and I don't want to forget it!

It is so easy to appreciate you and to love the memories you have given us, Ryan. You grew up to be such a fine man. Of course we have had disappointments, who hasn't? Of course there were times when you could have made better choices, who hasn't? But for every one of those, there have been a hundred wonderful choices and wonderful decisions. I always said to you, "make your daddy proud, both of them"! Today both your earthly father and your heavenly one are proud of who you are and so am I!

The envelope with your hair from your first haircut is also in the box. Why do moms save hair??? It is so light compared to what your hair color is today! Isn't that funny?

I found a letter from the Sturbridge School Bus, telling us what bus you would be on and what time it would be at the bottom of the hill. Boy those were tough times letting you go. I remember crying for most of the morning! silly me. We are so possessive of God's gifts, aren't we! I said I trust God, but did I really? Worrying about the safety of the bus, worrying if you would remember your backpack, worrying about the drivers on the road that would be near the bus, worrying if you would fall asleep and not get off :), worrying about the bullies near you, worrying if you would be the bully :), worrying about YOU, my precious treasure.

I wish you a happy 21 honey. You are a man. You know what is required from being a man, responsibility and all that stuff. I am proud that you graduated from High School. I am proud that you went to Bible College and are soon to graduate, I am proud that you had a paying job when you were a teenager. I am proud that you are a capable driver. I am proud that you work hard at your craft. I am proud that you are your own person, I am proud that you pray. I am proud that you write. I am proud that you want what is best for you. I am proud of your choice in friends. I am proud that you are my Ryan. I am proud that you are a Seler. I am proud of how you treat your sister. I am proud that you want to lead others in worship. I am proud of YOU.

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  1. THAT is the reason I've asked for a baby book :)
    I can't believe he's 21. I feel so old.
    Aren't you glad his frontal lobe developed properly enough at 16 so he could become a capable driver?? ;-)