Thursday, December 9, 2010

Royalty...that's my girl!

While I was hearing my son's band, The Interlude, on December 5th, Daddy was with Renee at the King's House in Kingston.

A beautiful house that we have seen from the street but never have been in. This is where the governor-general resides and works. The first King's House was in Port Royal in 1690. The second King's House was in Spanish Town in 1762. In 1872 the capital was changed to Kingston. The new King's House was located in Somerset Pen and this one was destroyed in 1907 by an earthquake. A new building was constructed in 1908 and was destroyed by fire in 1925. In 1932 Lady Slater collected money for the restoration.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have planted lignum vitae treees on the grounds. Mahoe and Banyan trees have been sent from India and there are flowers and ferns from all over the world on the grounds.

The Governor-General resides on the top floor. The principal floor has his office, morning, drawing, and public rooms. The ground floor is the ballroom where all the portraits of previous Governors, Governor-Generals, Queens and Kings are kept. This is where ceremonies take place as well as the dining, kitchen and pantry. Another interesting fact is that the personal body guard of the Governor-General is housed on this floor. This is the floor where Renee played her violin.

Many important dignitaries have spent time in the King's House. Princess Anne spent her honeymoon there in 1973. Queen Elizabeth has been here many times and the last visit to this house was in 2002. The list goes on and on of the Kings and Queens who have been at this house.

The Governor-General is recommended by the Jamaican Parliament and appointed by the Queen as her representative. The Governor-General usually receives knighthood.

Renee met the Governor-General Sir Patrick and Lady Allen a couple of months ago when she played for an important event. This time she was able to be in their house. How special is that!

The occasion for Renee to play at the King's House with the ensemble and her teacher was the Feast of Lights. It is an annual presentation by the Music Department of the Northern Caribbean University. It is to celebrate the Advent of Christ. Miss Moyah's ensemble played Bach's Sheep may Safely Graze. Denny said that it was beautiful. I watched the video and I have to agree.

In the intermission, Renee and Den walked by the Japanese Ambassador and he said to Renee, "I love the carving on your violin and you played very well." Den asked if he could take a photo and they continued to have a wonderful conversation. His name is Hiroshi Yamaguchi and his wife Yoko! I wonder if they skate! :)

It is amazing the opportunities God has afforded my children down through the years with their violins. Who would have ever dreamed the places that would go when they started at 3 and 4 years of age! Music lessons are never wasted! They teach so many things the earlier they start. Character and discipline, love of music (all kinds), teamwork, peer learning, bond with teachers and instruments. Just so many advantages, why do so many quit, or should I ask, why do so many parents let their children quit?

Something else to ponder....

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