Saturday, December 18, 2010

Luke 2 ...Patois style!

It is reported that Patois begain in the 17th century with the slaves from West and Central Africa. The language is a mixture of English and Creole.
In Jamaica, British English is the official language, however, Patois is the language of most homes, the street and I should say the heart.
Our students speak English in the classroom but in our home over a boxing match on the Wii it is Patois all the way!
The Bible College has a Christmas dinner on the last day of school and one of our students graced the gathering with Luke 2:8-20, Patois Version.
Take a minute and read it out loud. It may make more sense that way!

(vs 8) Di shepherd dem di some place. Innah di field, a watch dem sheep innah nite.
(vs 9) An wah angel af di Lard cume up pon dem. and father God cume down an shine pan dem an dem get fraid.
(vs 10) An di angel tell dem seh, nuh badda man. A good news mi cume, cume tell you. Weh afi every badi.
(vs 11) One pickney aago barne todah down weh David come from, dem a go call him Christ.
(vs 12) An it ago bi wah sign to you; you ago fine di pickney wrap up innah some cloth, lid down innah wah manger.
(vs 13) An mi seh, wid di angel some whole heep fram heaven an wiship father God, an dem a seh,
(vs 14) Glory to father God who deh innah heaven, an pan earth peace, good will to every man.
(vs 15) An it came to pass, when di angel dem left gone backa heaven, di shepherds seh to dem one another, mek we go down a beth-lehem, an weh see di ting weh fi came to pass, weh father GOd tell we seh Him a go do.
(vs 16) An dem run, run come fine Mary and Joseph and di pickney lid down innah oah manger.
(vs 17) An when dem see it, dem go tell everybodi all over di place bont di pickney.
(vs 18) An everybodi weh hear dem cant believe seh a so it go, weh di shepherd dem seh.
(vs 19) but Mary keep all a dem sintino, yah and panda dem innah har hart.
(vs 20) An di shepherd cume back, cume glorifying an a praise father God fi all di tings dat dem hear an si, weh di angel di tell dem.

and that my friend, is the beautiful story of the child that changed the world..Merry Christmas!

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