Saturday, May 9, 2009

Your gifts make way for you!

When we chose to come to Jamaica and teach in the Bible College our greatest concern was of course, our 2 wonderful children. Leaving Ry in the states was tough and wondering how Renee would fare in a new country was tough. Now that we have been here a few months, we just have to give praise to God. Renee and Ryan have had so many wonderful opportunities. Their gifts really have made a way for them.
Renee has played her violin in many special venues that we could have never dreamed of. At the beginning of the year she was chosen for a special art class as the teacher saw some untapped potential in her. Just recently that teacher who is an artist opened an exhibit and asked Renee to play for the opening program. The photos above show her playing and a picture with a friend from school that attended the exhibit.
Although Jamaica is an English speaking nation the heart language is Patois. I still have to ask people to repeat themselves! Renee has grasped the language quickly and it shows as she has been on the honor roll and high honor roll for both terms so far. Her teachers are very proud of her.
In the winter months, she auditioned by request of her violin teacher for the Jamaica Youth National Symphony and made it. Just yesterday she and 3 girls from her class represented their school in a French competition in Kingston. Renee and Ryan both have such full schedules, I sometimes don't know how to keep it all straight!
I do know that when you consecrate your babies to Jesus He makes a way for them. He gifts them, He anoints them, He protects them and for me this is a great Mother's Day weekend because they both have chosen Jesus. For both of my babies this school year has been one of great transition, ups and downs, successes and failures, homesickness and contentment, but through it all we are learning to trust in Jesus and we are learning to trust in His word that never changes.

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