Saturday, May 2, 2009

Travel Advisory!

We spent a couple of hours at the airport today. Being the people-watcher that I am, it is always a fun couple of hours for me to wait outside the customs door for arriving guests. Den and Renee find a stoop and read their book! These guys never go anywhere without their best friend...a book! Not me, how can you stick your nose in a book when there are people to watch!

4 planes landed at the same time this afternoon so you can imagine how many hundreds of people came through those doors. Interestingly, I saw only one with a mask to guard against the swine flu. I saw hundreds though, that came through dressed for the beach.

Go figure, what has happened to traveling with style? I am bewildered. There is no way you can go from traveling all day directly to the beach. There are alot of stops in between! What about the immigration/custom window? What about the transportation from the airport? What about checking into your room? What about traveling with others in mind? The tourists I saw today had one thing in mind, Jamaica=Beach!

How can you leave the cold winds of Chicago with such little clothing on? Tourists with alot of money but not much sense. I do think they forgot to look in the mirror at 6:00 this morning when they started their vacation!

I am happy to report that Jamaica is more than tourists at a beach and that is why we were at the airport. A friend who is a CBC (Deaf Ministries) student is visiting Jamaica for a month of missions experience. As Sara is with us, she will indeed get an overview of what being a missionary in Jamaica is like! College life, classes and graduation, children's homes, a chuch plant with no building yet 100 children gathered for Sunday School in a field, Sunday ministry in churches, visiting a deaf ministry that has a factory, apartments and a deaf church, and some God appointments that we don't even know as of yet!

It will be a very exciting month and who knows we may even get Sara to the beach, but I know we will be prepared for all the stops in between! God has a plan this month and it will be fun, a lot of ministry fun!


  1. Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly. I look forward to future posts.
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  2. I hate waiting in airports especially on a busy day.But when I have to, I just find a quiet place and watch porn videos on my phone.

  3. I think Annie is right.Airports on a busy day are simply nightmares. I try to avoid this situations because I'm a bit agoraphobic.