Wednesday, January 25, 2012

always knew legos were worth the money!

I am a die hard newspaper reader. I buy the actual one and then there are many on my favorites tab! Every place we have ever lived and then national newspapers that I only get to purchase when I buzz through the airport! Really love newspapers. On the way to school we buy the newspaper from the same man on the same corner each day, Saturdays and Sundays too...(I think he may miss us when we are gone!) We are what you call loyal customers. He calls Den "Boss" or "Captain" or "Sir" or "Poppa". We love this guy. When we pass that corner throughout the day, anytime of day, he spots the car and waves. Renee laughs about our relationship! It is the same relationship we have with the security guys at any of the establishments we frequent. We are on a first name basis....well that is if our names are mommy and poppa!

An interesting article in today's Jamaica Gleaner. I guess it is something I knew since Ryan was a toddler! His Christmas and birthday money would burn a hole in his pocket till he could get to the store to buy another Lego set. The article speaks of a workshop taking place in Jack's Hill for youngsters to learn the complex study of robotics. They create their own design with Lego's. So cool. They have 35,000 pieces organized for easy use. You know come to think of it I think I may have vacuumed up that many pieces in my life!

The last paragraph in the article says "In another way, it's about developing a set of life long skills. Your logical thinking is applicable in any field, your problem solving ability is applicable in any field, your sequential thinking, procedural thinking, your creativity, your ability to work on a team with people."

Who would have thunk it. All those thousands of pieces Ryan used and has kept for his toddlers do more than just past the time. I guess they are toys with a lifelong purpose. How cool is that!

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