Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooking Class - #1

I'm not sure how it happened, but I gave my firstborn his first "Pennsylvania Dutch" cooking lesson. Maybe he has graduation on his mind. Maybe he is thinking of getting his own place soon, maybe he....well maybe he thought it was time to learn how to make a staple in our home for his almost 21 years of life!

I didn't grow up on Pot Pie but as soon as I became a Seler I had to learn fast! My motherinlaw taught me how to make a Seler favorite. I was making pot pie for a long time before I became acquainted with the Cracker Barrel Restaurant where you can get really good Pot Pie. I was making Pot Pie long before I ever had my first dinner in Lancaster where they serve really good Pot Pie.

I have to say I am really proud that I can make it as good as my motherinlaw! At least that's what they tell me! Since I have been a Seler I am forbidden to put pineapple and cloves on my Christmas or Easter baked ham because if I do that I can't make Ham Pot Pie the next day! One can make chicken, turkey, beef Pot Pie, but the all time favorite in our house is ham Pot Pie.

For all of his life, Ryan has watched me make the pot pie squares, but this time I got to watch him and it was a treat! I must say, it sure was delicious and turned out just like Nana Seler would have wanted, not too thick and not too thin! Just right little Bear!

As a matter of fact, during the lesson we talked about Nana alot and sent some messages heavenward hoping that she could see her #14 grandchild receiving his Pot Pie lesson.

Ryan has a few dishes in his repertoire so it was time to have his own apron instead of using his dads!

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  1. I'm reminded of when Ry and I made apple pie:)
    And I've decided when he comes to visit this summer he can make me a dinner of chicken pot pie and I'll make him pizza. It will be like old times.