Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jamaica A/G Bible College party!

Saturday was a fun day! Of course anytime we have the students at the house it is gonna be a great day! What is so wonderful is that we don't have to entertain them, they entertain us!

I thought that the students would like to play SPOONS, that they did. Then they taught me DONKEY, the Jamaican form of Spoons, then Cherley taught us how to play the Haitian version, CAO! Oh brother, what a great time!

When you play Donkey the person that arrives at having all the letters becomes a donkey whether he wants to or not! They get him on the ground, ride him around the room and nearly cause chaos wherever they ride! This is Robbie who fortunately for me was the donkey. Being a new learner to the game I was very close! I didn't know what was coming! Thank you Robbie for rescuing me!

Some games are naturally calmer like badminton, dominoes,piano, and tv! Maybe I should have stuck with those!

Jamaicans love their football. So a sweaty game was played in the heat of the day! Thank God we have had some rain so showers could be taken!

Graduation will take place on May 15, the semester is quickly coming to an end. It is so important, I feel, to get the students out of the college and run off some stress! I think that Saturday was therapy!

It is an honor for us to have the students in our home. Some are not able to attend as they go home on the weekends and have certain commitments but we fed 30 people and a very special treat was to have birthday cake for Jerome whose birthday was yesterday. Before we had the cake, everyone went around the circle and told Jerome what he means to them. I will miss our special musician as Jerome graduates in a couple of weeks.

It was a great day, a special memory, a treat for Renee, a blessing to the students, one more event to put in our memory banks, a Happening!

Our Jamaican "boys"!

Our Jamaican "girls"!

Our beautiful group!

These students are why we are here. Every decision we make, it is for them. We want to pour into their lives in the classroom, playing games, out and about, in prayer, and consecration to the one who has called all of us to build His kingdom.

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