Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sisters......Precious Gifts

My Sister is a forever friend
As we to each other extend
A hand, A hug, A look of love
Serving the Great Lord above
We laugh, We joy, we smile together
Sometimes our love is light as a feather.
But then at other times in life
We cry, We pout, We have our strife
At times we are so hard to please
But God alone gives us His peace.

My sister is like a pearl rare
Together we make quite an interesting pair
We are sharing, loving and full of care
To me you are someone I hold so dear.
When around you, I have no fear
You accept me, faults and all
When in trouble, you I call
Our friendship is a fragile flower
And then again, a tall, strong tower.

My sister is a golden treasure
We thrive on giving each other pleasure
When in the dark, you are a light
Full of direction, used by God's might.
Your life is like a shelter
Peaceful, guarded, not wanting to falter
Sister, accept my deepest devotion
You are precious, You are love in motion.

My sister, Janis, was a guest soloist last Sunday in a Missionary Alliance church. My sister, Janine, leaves tomorrow for a week as a missionary to Nicaragua. I am so blessed. I am honored to have 2 sisters that mean the world to me.

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