Saturday, December 19, 2009

Destination: Florida, ETA: ?

Anything can happen on the East Coast in the winter months. Growing up in Pennsylvania you would be used to plans changing when the snow came! And how we would pray that the snow would come on school days! Hundreds of photos have been taken with the snow above my head. One of my favorite memories is skating on the town pond till dark, especially when school was cancelled! Ministry in Massachusetts would quickly change when a nor'easter would be predicted! Most of the time, if it was predicted it really did arrive. I don't remember too many false alarms!
When we booked our flights to Newark NJ a couple of months ago never did we realize that we would be traveling right in the middle of a great nor'easter. We arrived last night and oh what a night it has been!

We landed finally at 12:30 a.m. and the first thing Renee saw at the airport was a bubbler! A small USA treat!

Ry was there to meet us and take us to the hotel. One of the food groups that Renee misses the most is Taco Bell. Ry logs it into the GPS and the closest is only 4 miles away so he dropped us off at Howard Johnsons, Ry and Ney take off for TB. Her mouth watered all day for that dinner!
Boy did those tacos taste good at 2 this morning!

We then drove to Phoenixville to drop off luggage that won't fit in the car for Florida, pick up Ry's guitar and his luggage for the retreat and enjoy a Phillie cheese steak!

The trek to Florida begins! We left Phoenixville at 1:30 this afternoon and arrived in Manasas Virginia at 8:30 tonight. Den drove 35 mph for 7 hours only to go 200 miles! We laughed, we sang, we listened to christmas songs on the radio, we snoozed, we slid, we read, we played with the DS and we slid some more! We drove through PA, DE, MD, DC and settled in VA for the night! They say that maybe the plow trucks will be in operation in the morning! We will see! I think we will have church at Bedside Assembly!

This Christmas is going to be a different kind of holiday for us, spending it in hotels without all the wrappings of the holiday. I treasure the 4 of us being together most of all and am grateful that we are going to WARM country...that is unless this is the Christmas Florida sees snow!

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  1. Wow! Yes, we had "Bedside Assembly" here in Framingham, MA, too! Like so many others, we had to cancel church. There's lots of snow and it is still snowing (at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday). Keep safe! Incidentally, you guys DO have sort of "New England accents"..."bubbler" is very much a Boston area term, but I know what you mean!! Have a wonderful Christmas! Maybe you'll qualify for the next Jamaican bobsled team!