Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kudos to American Airlines!

It is not too often that I rave about an airline's efficiency and care but today I will! Yesterday we left Miami to come back to Jamaica, our flight was scheduled for 1:35. Because of weather we were a little late in boarding but not too bad. We of course were not complaining, we didn't want to end our time in the states and so we were happy to be detained! One more browse through Border's!

We boarded and pushed away from the gate and sat on the runway for over an hour. In that hour of waiting in tremendous heat on the plane my Dramamine kicked in and Renee was quite content with her DS!

All of a sudden, the airline personnel ran down the aisle and loudly called for a doctor on the plane. When nobody came to their aid they got the medical bags from the overhead bin. Quite soon the plane turned to go back to the gate. Just as quickly as the plane came to a stop the Miami-Dade Rescue team was on that plane and giving medical attention to the person.

The person in need was actually a missions team member. We had noticed this team at the gate wearing matching shirts with a Jamaica flag on the front. One of the students had a seizure I learned from one of the chaperones later. The medics got him off the plane and then we waited for the luggage to be found underneath. Around 4:00 we were on our way!

During that time of waiting on the runway a person seated next to Den started having a panic attack from claustrophobia. Denny talked him through the pain and they continued conversing for the entire flight. When we landed in Kingston, the gentleman said "If you hadn't done what you did, I would have never made it."

We had a tremendous month in the states, had success at the Jamaicam consulate in Miami and arrived home ready for another school year to begin. Of course alot has to happen before that day! One of the highlites will be Ryan coming after the Chosen tour concludes and for that we are very excited!

We spent some time at VFCC this month and so Renee was able to see the school and really see where Ry lives. The photo is Renee in front of a VFCC bus with Glen helping to get our luggage off at the airport. He was so kind to drive us in to Phillie and blessed our lives with good conversation and laughs of when he came to Jamaica as a newlywed!

We are so blessed and realize it over and over again! God keeps showing us care and kindness though the people he sends into our paths and that makes a world of difference!

Even the kindness of a flight attendant can make someone's sure did in the life of that missions team member. The kindness of Denny to care for that man so much to put aside the textbook he had planned on reading.....

Kindness is the virtue that has sustained me these last 4 years, to me it is worth more than gold. I guess that is why when someone expresses it, it stops me in my tracks, because life is so easily the opposite......

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  1. WOW! What a plane ride! When we went to Haiti with Oak Grove a few years back, Kathy Short and I looked above us and saw we were sitting under the defibrillator and said to each other, well, at least we know how to use it if someone needs it! Wish I could come see you guys :( miss you